Wednesday, December 16, 2009

HOT5 Dailiy 12/16/2009

1. "Obama’s Broken Promises" That's a long list, but in this case it's bipartisanship.

Representative Sample: As the political class focuses on President Obama’s efforts to jam through health-care legislation along party-line votes, it’s important that we not give him a pass for his string of broken promises.

2. "They Don't Love Nature - They Just Hate Mankind" Radical environmentalists.

Representative Sample:At the core of enviro-mentalism is an arrogance so intense and narcissistic, it mimics the hubris of classical Greek theater: The AGCC inquisitors literally seem to believe they can remake the Earth by signing a treaty, passing a law, or electing one of the anointed.

3. "Bill of Rights Day" Yesterday was Bill of Rights Day. Reflections on how our rights are being protected or not.

Representative Sample: it seems like an appropriate time to pause and consider the condition of the safeguards set forth in our fundamental legal charter.

4. "Common Prayers Catalyst for Uncommon Compassion" A positive psychological benefit of prayer?

Representative Sample: A newly published study turns the issue around, asking the intriguing question: How does praying for someone affect the person saying the prayers?

5. "Afghan IEDs Hammered Soviets" Deja vu.

Representative Sample:The Mujaheddin used mines and IEDs principally as an offensive weapon to bleed the Soviet occupiers, rather than to seize and defend territory. And bleed them they did: the Soviets lost 1,995 soldiers killed and 1,191 vehi­cles to mines and IEDs during their eight year long war.

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