Friday, December 11, 2009

Another Terrorist's Family Files Suit

This time against the Kenyan government. I guess they decided the suit wouldn't be possible in U.S. court, so they decide to try to extract some money from Kenya instead. Why Kenya? The Kenyan government arrested Mohamed Abdulmalik in 2007. He was arrested for
his alleged involvement in a 2002 attack of an Israeli-owned Kenyan beach hotel and an unsuccessful attempt to shoot down a plane headed for Israel from the resort of Mombasa.
The Kenyans turned him over to us, and he's been at Guantanamo ever since. The family thinks they should get almost 30 million dollars, based on their allegations of misconduct by the Kenyan police, and the usual claims of "torture" at Guantanamo. This line in the court petition referring to Guantanamo is particularly amusing,
"long and unlawful detention without trial in what is now reputed to be the worst detention facility on earth."
As anyone with a basic grasp of reality is aware, Guantanamo is a paradise compared to numerous detention facilities throughout much of the world. The fact that such a ludicrous characterization is included in the suit tells you all you need to know about its worth. Hopefully it will be quickly dismissed, and the lawyers slapped with court costs for bringing such a frivolous action.

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