Wednesday, December 23, 2009

HOT5 Daily 12/23/2009

1. "Can Obama Open His Mouth Without Lying About Health Care?" Apparently not.

Representative Sample:The president said he "didn't campaign on the public option," but it turns out he did. He said that there wasn't any "gap" between his campaign promises and the final result, but it turns out there were several, as detectable by the most cursory Google search.

2. "No, they insist on statism" Free market ideas are simply rejected out of hand.

Representative Sample:Not only are centrists, liberals and progressives determined to find a better way for government to fix our problems, they insist on statism, and they continuously find reasons why the private sector is not an alternative.

3. "Seven Reasons for Atheists to Celebrate the Holidays" It's good to see atheists speaking out in favor of Christmas, which is at least as much a secular holiday in America as a religious one.

Representative Sample: I want to talk about some of the reasons that some atheists love the holidays: in hopes that believers might better understand who we are and where we're coming from... and in hopes that a few Scroogy killjoys, atheist and otherwise, might be tempted to join the party.

4. "New direction for NATO must make alliance relevant in current security environment" I'm not sure why this is on scienceblog, but I linked it anyway.

Representative Sample:The study examines five directions the alliance might take as it revises its strategic concept to make the organization relevant in today's security environment.

5. "Are You Around Your Religious Family for the Holidays?"  This is pretty amusing, and applies pretty much any time you have to deal with certain religious people.

Representative Sample: It's a graphic.

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