Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Keys to an Obama Comeback?

There's an article in US News & World Report today called, "10 Keys to an Obama Comeback." I thought  I'd give my take on them. I'm quoting shortened versions, hopefully without too much distortion of his ideas.

1. Lighten up. That might help but it's unlikely. Obama is too arrogant, too sure that he knows what's best for us lesser beings, and his political personality is just serious by nature. He's a guy who takes himself way too seriously.

2. Have Michelle take a more prominent role on a major issue. I'd say that's a very bad idea, much more likely to hurt than help. Michelle Obama is primarily popular with people who already like Obama. A policy role for a first lady can seriously annoy people.

3. Feel our economic pain. He suggests things like eating at Denny's. Won't work. That type of thing would be an obvious pandering attempt from Obama.

4. Create an employment program where new jobs can be accurately calculated. That would definitely help -- except that Obama doesn't have the slightest idea how to create jobs, short of hiring more government employees. Being able to accurately count jobs would just remove his ability to lie about his failure.

5. Take whatever healthcare deal you can, then promote the heck out of the benefits. He's definitely going to try and do that.

6. Hit the campaign trail for troubled Democrats, and brag about them. He's probably going to do that too. But in some cases he might hurt, rather than help.

7. Extend some elements of the Bush tax cuts to those making $250,000 or less. That would be nice. Too bad his policies will raise taxes for everyone.

8. Bring the troops home from Iraq, and close the Guantánamo Bay prison. Closing Gitmo isn't particularly popular, and the question about what to do with the inmates is a political nightmare. Iraq isn't even a major issue any more.

9. Seize voter anger, and steer it to a new "economic populism," says Belcher. Tap it before the GOP does Too late, and voter anger is now directed at least partially toward Obama anyway.

10. Name Oprah as a domestic envoy. A transparent gimmick which would be seen as such.

Overall these are really weak suggestions. There's nothing in here that would scare the GOP.

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