Friday, December 11, 2009

HOT5 Daily 12/11/2009

1. "The Left, Nuclear Power, and Copenhagen: Rejecting the Viable" Rejecting the one proven mass alternative energy source.

Representative Sample: the Green/Left in the US continues its decades-long opposition to nuclear, all the while insisting that the only way forward is through greater use of alternative energy sources like solar and wind.

2. "Quote of the Year on ObamaCare" The government knows better than the people.

Representative Sample: This quote should become the centerpiece of the anti-ObamaCare activists; it's an absolute bill killer

3. "International respect restored!" Obama manages to anger another friendly country. 

Representative Sample: You whore yourselves out to King Hopeychange and cheapen your little political prize for toeing the Left line over the course of a few decades, and all of a sudden it doesn’t seem to mean quite as much as you’d like, and you’re angry about it?

4. "Jihadology: Understanding Our Enemies" The need for a new academic specialty.

Representative Sample: We now have need of what the magazine "Foreign Affairs " calls "Jihadology" as an academic specialty. Foreign Affairs reports as follows on the dearth of studies of America's current adversaries.

5. "What are the worst and best religions? " Identifying the bad ones is easier.

Representative Sample: I have often thought that one needs build a scale to measure the negative and positive effects different religions can have in human life. In my mind the main thing thing that needs to be considered here is the ability of the religion to compromise and to live side to side with other religions or even non-believers.

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