Thursday, December 31, 2009

HOT5 Daily 12/31/2009

1. "The Challenge of Freedom"A must-read post.

Representative Sample: Even patriotic Americans of today don’t always appreciate how special our achievement is… not just in its success, but its endurance. Most victorious “revolutions” end with a new class of slaves cleaning up the victory celebrations, beneath the whips of a new set of tyrants.

2. "Ten months." A call for Republican unity as we prepare to hopefully regain seats in 2010.

Representative Sample:This is not the time for battering Republicans or for tossing around the blame for our downfalls, this is the time to prepare for the congressional elections, donate time and monies to Republican candidates. This is our time to stand up against Democrats across America

3. "The Liberal Lie About Terror" Terrorist leaders do not come from the poor and downtrodden.

Representative Sample: Obama frequently talks about how the economic and democratic deficiencies in the third world are leading to the terror risk. That is simply not the case. None of the facts back up this claim.

4. "How serious is DOD about airships? (Answer: Extremely)" Includes a slideshow presentation.

Representative Sample:The US Army wants to send an optionally-manned hybrid airship to Afghanistan (see today's news article)

5. "Hybrid Threats Require a Hybrid Government"I would put this under that category of some good ideas that are unlikely to be put into effect.

Representative Sample:This new “democracy” is messy and yet we continue to formulate, plan, and execute engagement using “regular” and “homogeneous” bureaucracies and budgets. Today’s threats are increasingly complex, often stateless, and rarely conforming to neat lines of authorities and responsibilities across, or within, government agencies, most of which were designed in and for previous eras.

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  1. The myth that the terrorists are all from poor backgrounds is annoying. OBL is filthy rich, Zawahiri was a doctor, and Atta and this latest douche are both grad students.