Saturday, December 5, 2009

HOT5 Daily 12/5/2009

1. "Ex-Gitmo Detainee Now al-Qaeda Chief" Another one. Maybe we should execute terrorists instead of catching them and letting them go. Oh no, that would be too uncivilized.

Representative Sample: A former Guantanamo detainee has emerged as a leading ideologue and theologian for al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula –- one of the strongest al Qaeda affiliates in the world.

2. "Liberals Upset To Learn Americans Are Still Unhealthy Despite Best Efforts To Regulate Their Lives" No doubt the answer will be more regulation. After all, we can't let people actually make their own decisions, can we?

Representative Sample: if a given citizen wants to eat at McDonald’s four times a day and die of a heart attack at 45 that’s a personal matter and no business of the government’s.

3. "Interposing Tactics" An interesting military theory article.

Representative Sample: we are now seeing a new form of granular conflict, where the essence of tactical supremacy is achieved through coordination of multifactor, and multidimensional attacks and defense by individual force elements interposed against each other.

4. "Quailing Before the Messy Business of Science" Good article on the current climate change data scandal.

Representative Sample: in the contact sport of climate change science, reasonable people on both sides may have cause to fear that the loser will be the scientific method.

5. "D’oh! A Deer!" The deer strike back.

Representative Sample: By the time the Tarboro [South Carolina] business owner looked up from the sidewalk, the herd was upon her, she said, too close for her to react and charging too quickly for her to run away

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