Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Atheist Bingo

I linked this post from the Friendly Atheist for the HOT5 Daily today. I thought I'd mark my own scorecard. All of the marked squares are things I've personally heard from religious people when I revealed I was an atheist. This counts only live, personal interactions, not online exchanges.


  1. I get all those, plus "atheists in foxholes", "the devil's work", "close minded" and I'm what's wrong with society as well.


  2. I've gotten them online but not in person. Although I've heard the stronger version of "aren't you afraid of hell," in person, as in, "you are going to hell."

  3. Interesting- as a right wing Pagan, I get many of these same comments that you get as an atheist, PLUS a couple... I get:
    "rebellious phase"
    "you're what's wrong"
    "God loves you anyway"
    "Hitler was a Pagan"
    "I'll pray for you"
    "you're doing the devil's work"
    "if you read X, you'll change your mind"
    "you're close-minded"
    "Your god is the devil in disguise"

    But I get one that tops all yours- I get Exodus 22:18. That one, delivered as a live, personal pronouncement... well, sometimes, one must be prepared to back up one's first amendment rights via one's second amendment rights.

  4. Yeah, pagans aren't much more popular than atheists. And as you mention with Exodus 22:18, sometimes they are hated worse. We atheists are just deluded fools who deny the obvious existence of God, whereas you pagans actively serve evil :).

  5. Lol, indeed. Interestingly enough, however, I actually get more comments about my being "Jewish" than Pagan- it seems most people, when they see a star, don't bother to count how many points it has! Not being familiar with a Pentacle, they see it as a Star of David. Hmmm... there's probably some important principle of human perception there; perhaps I should apply for a government grant to study it!

    If it doesn't sound too bizarre from a Pagan to an Atheist, Merry Christmas!