Monday, December 21, 2009

HOT5 Daily 12/21/2009

1. "The Childish Constitution and the Mature Constitution" An interesting take on the so-called "Living Constitution" position.

Representative Sample: leftists want a child Constitution. They want its meaning to change with the winds of court rulings, which can be handed down overnight. And why wouldn't they want this? A child is easily manipulated.

2. "The mystery of Yemen" This story got a surprisingly small amount of press.

Representative Sample:Two days ago, Bill Roggio described a US cruise missile strike against al-Qaeda targets in Yemen, next door to Saudi Arabia, following the receipt of intelligence that the AQ were “planning to conduct attacks against Yemeni and US installations in the region”.

3. "India's Prime Minister Schools Obama: First Obligation of an Elected Leader is to His Own Country" An elected leader actually acting in his own country's interests -- imagine that.

Representative Sample: We are led by unaccountable, lifetime bureaucrats -- most of whom have never held a real job in their lives.

4. "Why the GOP Lost the Healthcare Fight" Because the Democrats control the presidency and have strong majorities in both houses of Congress? Interesting article that misses the main reason.

Representative Sample: tactical advantages were offset by a strategic dilemma, and it’s that dilemma that may have proved fatal.

5. "Christmas Myth-Making" Where did we get "x-mas"? Christmas wreaths? Caroling?

Representative Sample:The Stephen in the carol Good King Wenceslas is the biblical St. Stephen who was martyred by being thrown off a cliff near Jerusalem.

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