Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Moron

That would be Lew Rockwell at, responding to reports of the attempted terrorist attack on a plane landing in Detroit. A would-be Islamic terrorist tried to ignite an incendiary device on the plane. We don't have all the information yet. It's unclear how dangerous the device was, but the government is taking it seriously. The suspect claims ties to Al Qaeda, and there is information that he has terror connections. So how does Lew Rockwell react?
The story reads like an episode of MAD TV. Does the government have any better fodder than this for its fear mongering campaign? ... Dear Republicrats and other assorted War on Terror proponents: don’t write me and tell me this was a serious threat
Generally someone trying to set off an incendiary on board an aircraft is a bad thing. But it's just no big deal to Rockwell. An Islamic terrorist on a plane? That couldn't be a real threat, could it?  Rockwell not only feels qualified to dismiss the incident out of hand as some sort of a joke, but has come up with an immediate and amazingly idiotic conspiracy theory. It's all part of government "fearmongering," to allow them to increase airport security. Is there a better example of why anyone who uses the term "fearmongering" shouldn't be taken seriously? If anyone was wondering if Lew Rockwell had any credibility at all, this article should provide a decisive negative indication.

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