Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Matthew Yglesias is a Clueless Leftist

What other explanation could there be for  this piece at Think Progress? It's called, "Fred Hiatt Wants The Washington Post to Go Out of Business." Here's Yglesias,
What other explanation could there be for deciding that he wants to run an op-ed by Sarah Palin about how Obama should “boycott” the Copenhagen conference?
Well let's see if I can provide a clue to the clueless. At this moment, the Palin article is the number 3 most read article in the top 5 at Maybe the reason they ran the op-ed is because it's an opinion piece by a major, controversial political figure, and therefore almost guaranteed to attract a large readership. Generally speaking, running articles that bring in huge numbers of readers is exactly what you want to do in the newspaper business. I know leftists are pretty ignorant of basic economic matters, but you'd think even someone like Yglesias would understand that running a Palin op-ed is good business for a major newspaper. Then again, maybe he really is that clueless.

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  1. I have to agree with you, that was a damn-fool thing to write.

    He gets the respect he does because he's not an overt drooling moron as may be found in the comment section of any random news article, or HuffPo. But the man remains a hack, not any sort of deep theorist of Leftist philosophy.