Wednesday, December 30, 2009

HOT5 Daily 12/30/2009

1. "Why Did the Bush Administration Send Hardcore Terrorists Back to Al-Qaida" That's a good question.

Representative Sample: the U.S. military repeatedly warned the Bush administration in advance that almost half of the former Saudi Gitmo detainees who have rejoined Al-Qaida continued to represent active threats to the United States--and yet they were released anyway, evidently for political reasons.

2. "2010: Getting Off This Rock" A good article in favor of space exploration.

Representative Sample: One of the most important projects for the long-range survival of the human race (and its descendants) involves creating a viable civilization that could survive the destruction of the whole Earth

3. "Socialist ‘market competition’" Chavez sounds like a Democrat.

Representative Sample: “We’re going to defeat speculation. Private individuals in sales can still sell, but they’ll have to compete with us and with a people who is now fully aware,” Chavez said.

4. "Why It’s Okay To Call Ourselves Atheists (And Why We Should)" Given that I call myself one, I agree.

Representative Sample: What’s interesting is that while us nonbelievers often call ourselves atheists, it is quite uncommon for those on the other side of the issue to refer to themselves as theists. ‘Theist’ says precious little about one’s position on what God wants, only that he or she believes that one exists and has intervened (or intervenes) in human affairs. Most often, a theist will describe him or herself as being in a much more specific category: a religious denomination

5. "Naming Conventions" Short but contains a really good question.

Representative Sample: Why shouldn't there be Jewish neighborhoods in a Palestinian state, just as there are Arab neighborhoods in Israel?

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