Thursday, December 10, 2009

HOT5 Daily 12/10/2009

1. "Regulating CO2 with Common Sense is a Contradiction in Terms" Common sense and government do not go together.

Representative Sample: A common sense way to regulate carbon dioxide without cost is impossible. The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis study of the economic effects of carbon dioxide regulations found cumulative gross domestic product (GDP) losses of $7 trillion by 2029

2. "ZINN 101: A Radical’s History of the United States"Anti-American propaganda in the guise of history.

Representative Sample: Zinn’s world view is powered by a relentless and hateful leftist fantasy: that the American government is and always has been racist, oppressive, warmongering, and ruthlessly exploitative, and that it must be subverted. And that subversion begins in classrooms all across America, which is why the left has worked so hard over the decades to imbed itself in America’s educational system.

3. "Laws I’d Like to See" I don't agree with all of these, but it's an interesting post.

Representative Sample: 1. No elected official may hold consecutive terms. (in regards to congress)

4. "Are The Holidays Tough On Atheists?" Depends on the atheist. Personally, I've always liked the holidays.

Representative Sample: I've celebrated it since I was a kid, and it never had any religious significance to me. Indeed, a lot of people celebrate it as a secular occasion

5. "India Beefs Up Security Budget" Spending increase of 25% this fiscal year.

Representative Sample:This money is funding a massive shopping spree by homeland security agencies. These include the paramilitary forces, state and central police, and intelligence agencies, all of which are part of the Home Affairs Ministry.

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