Wednesday, December 2, 2009

HOT5 Daily 12/2/2009

1. "Hello, I Must Be Going: Obama’s Afghan decision that wasn't" An interesting take.

Representative Sample: it's hard to dismiss any presidential decision that will put over 100,000 American troops at risk as being unnewsworthy. But it is undeniable that most of the coverage misses the bigger point: Afghanistan is a costly distraction for the president, the military, and reporters on the lookout for the big stories of our times.

2. "Importing Workers, Exporting Democratic Values"The benefits aren't just economic.

Representative Sample: Exposing so many Mexicans directly to the U.S.'s democratic system of government has increased support for, and participation in, democracy back home.

3. "Federal Judge Says NYPD Plagued by “Widespread Falsification by Arresting Officers”" Police fabricating crimes. That's real reassuring.

Representative Sample: the officers who arrested them were later indicted—when surveillance video showed the arresting officers fabricated the entire drug deal.

4. "Deepak Chopra: redefining “wrong”"A good smackdown of Chopra's latest attack on skepticism.

Representative Sample: For years he has gone on TV, in print, and in his books, peddling all manners of nonsense. Here’s a quick reality check: if his claims of "quantum healing" are correct, why is he getting older?

5. "Dear God, please confirm what I already believe" Links an interesting article.

Representative Sample:The experiments in which we manipulate people's own beliefs are the most compelling evidence we have to show that people's own beliefs influence what they think God believes more substantially than it influences what they think other people believe

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