Thursday, December 17, 2009

Laughable Leftist Whining

The health care mess is driving some on the left over the edge. It's pretty funny to watch. Take a Crooks & Liars post called, "Notes on the Moral and Political Degradation of America." Crooks & Liars is usually good for a laugh, and this post is full of them. It's a non-stop whine about how bad things are here in America.
The news in the last few days has continued the drumbeat of demoralizing events which started in the Bush administration, and with only a few hiccups has continued through the Obama administration. It is clear that Obama is, fundamentally, Bush's 3rd term.
Uh oh, and Bush is pure evil. Comparing Obama to Bush is one of the worst insults a leftist can employ.
spending billions on turning brown people into a fine red mist (a.k.a. the Afghan war) is acceptable, but health care (a.k.a. saving actual American lives) is something which can't cost money. What an interesting--and clearly evil--set of priorities that reveals.
Here we see the typical attitude of the anti-American left, that automatically sees the U.S. effort in Afghanistan as something racist, as if the ethnicity of Afghans had anything to do with the war. And never mind that we are spending, and wasting, massive amounts of money, and the lives of our soldiers to rebuild Afghanistan and improve conditions for the Afghan people. But no, this guy thinks we are just there to kill "brown people."
I guarantee that real healthcare reform would save more American lives than the entire war on terror—assuming said "war" hasn't cost more American lives than it's saved, which is almost certainly the case.
Wow, he guarantees it. It must be true then.
Next we have what Glenn Greenwald is calling the creation of Gitmo North, in which people whom the government judges there is not enough evidence to convict, will be held indefinitely without trial. This is the very definition of tyranny.
Yeah, detaining dangerous foreign terrorists is "tyranny." Let's hope this clown never has to find out the real meaning of tyranny. Here's a guy who wants the government to seize control of health care against the wishes of the population, wants to regulate peoples' pay, and wants confiscatory taxation to punish those whose business practices he doesn't like. Somehow actual tyranny is ok, but taking reasonable security measures isn't.
Any nation which does this is a nation of men, not laws. America has forsaken its fundamental premise and proved its degradation.
Yeah, yeah. America is evil. You'd think the left would come up with a new tune once in awhile.
this started under Bush, but as Obama embraces this, it because a bipartisan project and the new elite consensus. This is now something which has been confirmed as US policy which is extremely unlikely to change no matter who is in power.
The reason that its a bipartisan consensus is that it involves basic common sense, something not present among much of the left.
bankers at the big banks are a net drain on the economy. Their venality and recklessness has wiped out the entire economic gains of the last decade and plunged the economy into its worst crisis since the Great Depression. ... they should be taxed a good confiscatory 90%
Bankers are evil too, and the government should steal their money. But he's worried about "tyranny."
In a healthy, non-degraded society, none of the behavior listed above would be allowed. Not only would there be confiscatory taxes leveled, there would be massive ongoing criminal investigations into what happened.
In his uptopian world, his enemies would be imprisoned and their wealth confiscated.
In a healthy, non-degraded society, saving American lives by making sure they have health care would be a priority
By stealing money from productive groups, and redistributing it to others. Hmm, a sick, degraded society is sounding better all the time.
Americans exist to be looted systematically by their elites
Translation: the wrong Americans are being looted by the wrong elites. 
And, last but not least, in a healthy, non-degraded society, the government is not allowed to lock up people indefinitely without trial. If you don't understand why this is, I can't explain it to you
Somehow I don't think he could explain much of anything to anyone.
any more than it is apparently possible to explain to a plurality of Americans why torturing people is evil, and beyond the pale. The fact that it can't be explained any more to many Americans, of course, is exactly why it is fair to call this degradation.
Those stupid, evil Americans! They don't agree with him. Even though he's out on the fringe, he's right and they are all wrong. That proves they are "degraded."


  1. Haha! Good stuff.

    The guy in one sentence rails against our supposed American totalitarian system and in the next demands that the government take away people's rights. What an idiot. Do people actually read this guy?

  2. I saw the post on Memorandum, so I assume it's a significant left-wing blog.