Friday, December 18, 2009

HOT5 Daily 12/18/2009

1. "Why Obamacare Won’t Work" A look at five major reasons.

Representative Sample:Ultimately, when you boil it down, they want to accomplish two major things: universal coverage, and minimizing increases in costs. Here is the scary thing: after spending a $1 trillion more in the next decade…the Democrats bill will do neither.

2. "Givings And Takings Part 2: The Heart Of The Matter" The meaning of the rule of law.

Representative Sample: "The rule of law" is among the least understood and worst abused of all the catchphrases of our political lexicon. It's been used as a bludgeon by voices on every side of every issue, but without a consistent application of meaning...and without respect for the meaning it was given when the law was first separated from class privilege.

3. "2009 summed up in one (long) sentence" A really long one.

Representative Sample: We started the year with a president that everybody hated but fortunately we got rid of him pretty quickly and replaced him with a new president that didn't look like at all any of the previous presidents which we were told was a very good and historic thing 

4. "Another Peace Process in Our Time" Somehow it always seems to require more Israeli concessions.

Representative Sample:W ith Hamas controlling the Gaza Strip, arming itself to the teeth and enjoying the support of about one-third of the Palestinians, it has the right to veto any diplomatic progress. With Fatah unwilling to recognize the Jewish nation-state and objecting to a demilitarized Palestinian state, there is no chance for a peace treaty.

5. "Where are the real roots of Christmas?" The same place some other Christian holidays came from.

Representative Sample: There is no evidence that early Christians in the first century would have commemorated the birth of Jesus in any way. In fact, in keeping with early Jewish law and tradition, it is likely that any birthdays were not commemorated at all.

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