Monday, December 14, 2009

HOT5 Daily 12/14/2009

1. "Modern Conservatism and the Need for Definition"A concise review of the development of U.S. conservatism.

Representative Sample: This is by no means an exhaustive history and analysis, nor is it meant to do anything other than give a a very general overview of the recent evolution of conservative theory. Hopefully, it also, in a small way, illustrates the inadequacy of Hegel's synthesizing chain and how ideas organically evolve rather than collide in presupposed opposition.

2. "IN DEFENSE OF HOWARD ZINN - SORT OF" I recently linked a scathing attack on Zinn. This provides some balance.

Representative Sample: Zinn has also done this country - inadvertently - an enormous service. His book A People’s History of the United States popularized social history in a way that more academic social historians have never been able to do.

3. "Complete 2010 Senate rankings." Projected outlook.

Representative Sample: 37 Senate seats up for election, 19 seats are Democratic controlled, 18 seats are Republicans controlled.

4. "Why believe in a religion? Why not believe in 2 or 3 or more?" Links to an interesting Pew report.

Representative Sample: Religion is the snack food of the people.

5. "Privacy: Is it only for people doing bad things?" The statism of Google, and why you shouldn't expect any privacy on the internet.

Representative Sample: The problem with bigness in corporations is not that they are big but that the tend to become institutions which have no common sense. They take on an ethos of their own which pushes them into the Statist camp.

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