Tuesday, December 8, 2009

HOT5 Daily 12/8/2009

1. "Obama's EPA Declares Naturally-Occurring Air Gases Are 'Pollutants;'
Asserts Sweeping Power To Regulate Every Aspect of American Life" Massive power grab.

Representative Sample: the unelected Lisa Jackson—with Barack Obama's blessing—has just declared herself to be more powerful than Congress, laying the groundwork for the Obama Administration to dictate business emissions, vehicle use, energy use, punitive taxes or penalties and even the kind and numbers of livestock that can be raised.

2. "On War #325: How the Taliban Take a Village" How they operate and how to counter it.

Representative Sample:The Taliban method requires relatively few of their own personnel. Its strength is in the local subversion of the most basic levels of village organization and life. It is also a decentralized approach.

3. "Sympathetic Atheists" Includes a list of characteristics defining a "sympathetic" atheist.

Representative Sample: Sympathetic Atheists feel religion can serve good purposes if used well but also can serve terrible purposes if used poorly. Sympathetic Atheists try to avoid unfocused criticism of religion as a whole.

4. "The small business credit crunch and unemployment"A glaring example of how banks are contributing to the problem.

Representative Sample:This example is almost beyond belief and perfectly illustrates where the banking industry — both local and national — is doing real damage to the economy’s small business backbone.

5. "History Rewrite" Links an interesting article about Pearl Harbor.

Representative Sample:The missing Japanese mini-sub mystery may have been cracked. LA Times Pearl Harbor article lays out the circumstantial case for a sub that got into the harbor

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  1. Thank you for the mention.
    Do you feel you are a "sympathetic atheist"?