Sunday, December 20, 2009

HOT5 Daily 12/20/2009

1. "The Democrat’s Suicide Mission" Let's hope it's political suicide for the Democrats, or at least serious damage.

Representative Sample: Everybody hates the health care bill. Leftists despise it because it has no government plan and mandates that individuals buy health care from the hated private insurance companies. Conservatives hate it because it is a massive expansion of government intrusion into our lives and because it is a budget buster. This bill has something for everyone to hate. Yet it is about to be passed in a straight party line vote.

2. "False Dichotomy Tyranny" A favorite fallacy of the left, along with its cousin the false analogy.

Representative Sample: The slick and relentless utilization of one such logical fallacy, the false dichotomy, is a key part of an attempted wholesale destructive change to the historical American philosophical view of the proper relationship between the State and the Individual.

3. "Islamic terror: List of attacks in the last two months" For those wondering why Islam is associated with terrorism.

Representative Sample:This is a story about a website that lists all Islamic-religion-motivated attacks occuring in the 2 months leading up to yesterday. It's a real eye-opener. The story describes the how and why of what the site is doing.

4. "The Social Elements Of War Keep Evolving" Couples serving together.

Representative Sample: A soldier, homesick and lonely for his wife’s affections, can not only be distracted and unfocused ( a danger to his entire platoon) but is more apt to suffer depression, get into trouble, and will be harder to motivate.

5. "Is Scandal Inevitable when Scientists Become Activists?" If not inevitable, at least highly likely.

Representative Sample: scientists who become public policy advocates can lose the most important characteristic they have: objectivity. Scientists must accept data for what it is, not what they wish it to be. Scientists must deal with contradictory data, not ignore it. And most importantly, scientists must be transparent with their research and the conclusions they draw, not secretive.

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