Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"New" Policy on Iran

The Christian Science Monitor reports that the Obama administration has a new stance toward Iran. Have they given up on negotiation and decided to impose sanctions? Could they be supporting efforts to undermine the regime and force a change? Might they even be considering some sort of military move? No, no, and of course not. Here's the earth-shattering new policy,
The Obama administration has settled on a policy of speaking out modestly but regularly against human rights violations in Iran, even as it continues to focus on Tehran’s nuclear program and the fading hopes of a dialogue with the Iranian regime.

Speaking out "modestly"? Wow, that will show the mullahs and Ahmadinejad. They'll be quaking with fear when they hear about this new policy. I guess that's why Obama and Secretary of State Clinton will only speak out modestly, they don't want to scare the Iranian leadership too badly.

Our current policy on Iraq is centered on empty talk and wishful thinking. This new policy will continue the old policy but add in some more empty talk -- but not too much -- just a modest amount. For some reason this is currently the lead story at the Christian Science Monitor site. I guess with Christmas around the corner, there just isn't too much going on.

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  1. I choose to interpret that entire article as sarcasm. By doing so I have hope that there is someone left with a brain on the Left that does not seek the destruction of Western civilization. (not the destruction of people's lives, just our "evil selfish" civilization, they think you can do one without the other)