Sunday, May 3, 2009

HOT5 Daily 5/3/2009

1. "Obama Sowing the Seeds of Disaster" Over-reliance on emotion.

Representative Sample: Although emotions are one of humanity’s most critical survival mechanisms, without careful consideration, they remain one of humanity’s greatest liabilities.


Representative Sample: Can it be possible that a so-called “peacekeeping organisation”, with unlimited resources and funding (17 000 men plus), is actually this incompetent?

3. "GOP Listening Tour: A Cruel Joke" Exactly.

Representative Sample: It always sounds nice when our elected leaders decide it's time to reach out and listen to us. The problem is it's not because they want to hear our concerns; it's because they're out of power and need us

4. "Why Is Congress Debating the BCS System?"Apparently they have nothing better to do.

Representative Sample: Representative Joe L. Barton of Texas apparently cannot get over the fact that the BCS picked Oklahoma rather than Texas to play in the 2009 BCS championship game. In response, he is proposing "big government" policies that seem utterly inappropriate for a Texas Republican.

5. "There Will Be Saved Parasites in Heaven!" The implications of resurrection.

Representative Sample: While the parasites in the guts of Enoch and Elijah never died, but were translated to Heaven with them, the E. coli parasitic bacterium in the gut of Jesus died and were resurrected back to life by God along with the body of Jesus.

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