Monday, May 4, 2009

King Arthur at Stonehenge

Strange religious happenings in Britain as a druid remains camped out at Stonehenge, in violation of a court eviction order. Believe it or not, that druid's name is King Arthur Pendragon. He says,
"I am not going to go, I am battening down the hatches and continuing my lawful right to protest and my equal right to religious practice."
Apparently he is upset about having busy roads pass close by what he sees as a sacred shrine, and wants visitor restrictions dropped. He wants everyone to be able to walk up and touch the stones. You'd think he might be worried that if Stonehenge was fully open to the public without restriction, it would be vandalized or otherwise damaged.  But I guess we shouldn't expect too much thinking from someone who legally changed his name to King Arthur Pendragon.


  1. Well, yanno, since this is the UK, they'll probably require that the town of Salisbury (or whatever town is closest) build him a permanent shelter and that no ill be spoken of druidism within 100 meters of his hearing.

  2. Yeah, I'm surprised they were able to get a court order to remove him.