Tuesday, June 9, 2009

HOT5 Daily 6/9/2009

1. "100 Years of COIN: What new have we Learned?" A synopsis of research and thinking on counterinsurgency.

Representative Sample: It bears repeating that a main problem with the insurgency literature is that (with certain exceptions) it generally ignores the huge numbers of insurgencies that fail and are consigned by history to the dustbin as failed revolution, rebellion or just plain crime.

2. "Obama’s Identity Foreign Policy"  Three pieces that highlight identity politics as it applies to Obama's foreign policy

Representative Sample: the authors to focus on how Obama believes that with a change in identity and approach, challenges facing the United States and international security (Iran, terrorism, Israel-Palestine, North Korea, Cuba, etc.) have a greater chance of being solved. These writers open the door to what may become a serious facet of an Obama led foreign policy and they all come across concerned.

3. "Advice from the Left on how the GOP can win again" Bad advice,of course.

Representative Sample: Whatever the case, Weisberg is a fool. The 2008 presidential election was 54 million to 48 million. A three million vote swing in the right states would have been enough to put a Republican candidate in office. Three million votes was easily within the rounding error in the Obama personality cult and the Republican contempt for McCain.

4. "Shocker: Big Government Programs Having Impact That Is The Direct Opposite Of The Desired Result" Government interference making things worse -- big surprise.

Representative Sample: Here’s a thought: Maybe the government should stop meddling in the markets? Then we wouldn’t have these unintended consequences.

5. "Hello GovernmentCare, Goodbye Personal Privacy" Privacy is something of a myth already, but this will definitely worsen things

Representative Sample:Do you want your government to know that you have bowel troubles? Do you mind if the president can discover if you have erectile disfunction? Would you be out of sorts if your local Congressman could discover if you’d had an abortion?

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