Thursday, June 25, 2009

Get a Sense of Humor

A couple of weeks ago I linked to this post at Big Hollywood, arguing that Republicans need to lighten up, get a sense of humor, and stop acting all hypersensitive and easily offended. Apparently Michelle Malkin didn't get the message. In her post, Bad Taste Award, she complains about Grover Norquist making a mild joke about Mark Sanford. She writes,
Just what we need: Beltway conservatives Republicans showing how tone-deaf and insensitive they are for the sake of a self-aggrandizing soundbite. 

"Insensitive"? Malkin sounds just like the type of whining leftist she despises. Get a sense of humor, Michelle.

1 comment:

  1. Our dear Michelle is also always the first to throw a lot of stereotypes around, pigeonholing entire groups of people.

    I wonder how she'd feel being called a Subic Bay bar-girl because she happens to be Filipino?