Friday, June 19, 2009

HOT5 Daily 6/19/2009

1. "Once Upon a Time in America"Are we in the process of wrecking the things that made America great?

Representative Sample:Already, the government runs our children’s education and our parents’ retirement. Now we’re allowing it to usurp our banks and nationalize what remains of our auto industries. Within weeks, Washington promises a plan to dictate our health care. To do all this, we’ve let Washington run up enough red ink to impoverish our grandchildren.

2. "A Bunch Of People Who Never Owned Slaves Apologize To A Bunch Of People Who Were Never Slaves" The apology administration to orchestrate another useless gesture.

Representative Sample: This is meaningless, so maybe it’s not worth getting upset about. But because it’s meaningless, it’s also a little irksome. Especially because people are apologizing on my behalf for something either myself nor any of my ancestors had any part of.

3. "Al Qaeda Has Syria In The Cross Hairs" Syria's support for Al Qaeda might come back to bite them? That's a real shame.

Representative Sample: Despite their reputation and history of aiding and abetting terrorist groups, the Syrians are becoming increasingly nervous about the large numbers of al Qaeda terrorists that have crossed their border into Iraq.

4. "Creationist Tactics" A good list of typical creationist arguing ploys.

Representative Sample: Trumpet any mistakes made by any scientist, and ignore the fact that these mistakes are corrected.

5. "All War Is Local" The Battle of Waterloo was fought yesterday, 194 years ago. Interesting article.

Representative Sample: All war is local. The wars we care about are the ones that affect us directly. The ones that burn our houses or happen down the road from us, which drain our wallets and take our children away. The ones that threaten our own world

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