Tuesday, June 2, 2009

HOT5 Daily 6/2/2009

1. "Roundup: Historians' Take" Useful perspective on Guantanamo.

Representative Sample: The enemies of Bush and Gitmo have succeeded brilliantly. But in so doing, they have done grave violence to the truth about the Guantánamo Bay facility, have aided in the release of prisoners who have since committed acts of terrorism

2. "Drone Strikes: The Pushback"  What to make of a recent report touting the effectiveness of the drone campaign.

Representative Sample: A clutch of anonymous intelligence and military officials -- no doubt stung by the degree to which the efficacy of drone attacks in Pakistan has been questioned of late -- have hit back in defense of the strikes

3. "The real questions regarding Scott Roeder..." Dr. Tiller's murderer has been a serious nutcase for a long time.

Representative Sample:the idea that the millions of people, like my friend Dr. Eric Schansberg in Indiana, who oppose abortion on moral or religious grounds are responsible for what he may allegedly have done is a blatant political smear

4. "“15 Random Thoughts In 140 Characters Or Less.”" Some of these are pretty good

Representative Sample: If the Right acted like the Left, we'd be demanding the guy who killed Tiller be freed so he could be given a job as a professor.

5. "The Left Gets Their Andrew Mickel to Celebrate" Extremist wackos don't populate only one side of the political spectrum.

Representative Sample:I've referred to Mickel on several occasions in the past precisely because he is an excellent whipping boy that showcases the extremism that can come from far leftist ideologies. He and Roeder may very well be mirror images

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