Friday, June 19, 2009

More Secrets Will No Longer be Secret

The Obama administration is foolishly preparing to release more information that should remain classified.  
John L. Helgerson, the now-retired CIA inspector who spearheaded the investigation, said Thursday that the report is "a comprehensive look at everything the agency had been doing related to detention and interrogation."

Releasing such information to the public is mind-numbingly idiotic. What's next, releasing the names of CIA-run front companies? Maybe we can let everyone know other operational intelligence details too. 

The government released a heavily redacted version of Helgerson's report last year to the American Civil Liberties Union as a result of its ongoing Freedom of Information Act lawsuit on the program. All but a few paragraphs and individual words were blacked out.
Hopefully this new release will be similar. Black out everything but "the," "and," "a," and so forth.  What's the point of having secret intelligence operations if you release the details to the public every time some organization files a lawsuit?

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