Wednesday, June 10, 2009

HOT5 Daily 6/10/2009

1. "Take a Look at ObamaCare" A useful overview.

Representative Sample: so many people nationwide are not going to inform themselves about this plan; then when they day comes that they can't receive the services they want or buy the drug they need, they'll wonder what in the world happened.

2. "US releases Iraqi Shia terror group leader"  And the implications.

Representative Sample: The release of the League of the Qazalis and other senior leaders of the terror group does not bode well for the improved security situation in Baghdad and wider Iraq as the US prepares to withdraw from Iraq's cities.

3. "What rights do any of the states still hold?" Good question.

Representative Sample:Obama’s rampant federalization of everything he can get the federal government’s hands on (health care, auto industry, housing industry, banking industry, tobacco industry, etc.) is sparking a new found interest in states’ rights

4. "the science of confirmation bias" New study examines it with regard to political outlook.

Representative Sample:  People with absolute certainty in the correctness of their ideology and with a habit for reading things into posts they find disagreeable are a constant issue for bloggers. When we write something that becomes controversial, we get hit with a string of ridicule that accuses us of virtually anything and everything

5. "Another Problem with Rooting Morality in God" A good point about the weakness of that argument

Representative Sample:Christians claim that moral order is somehow dependent upon their god, or at least upon continued belief in their god.

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