Friday, June 12, 2009

HOT5 Daily 6/12/2009

1. "Sometimes You Have To Break The Law" Especially ones that put your life at risk.

Representative Sample: By some estimates, almost 150,000 Chicago residents, or those who work there, violate the City’s ban on handgun possession. From CBS TV in Chicago, an interview with a shop owner who, if he hadn’t had a pistol with him in his shop, would be dead

2. "14 Of The 15 Most Dangerous Cities Run By Democrats"  Is anyone surprised?

Representative Sample: When Mayor Giuliani, the feisty Italian-American Republican took charge of New York, he meant business. Crime went down, down, down.
Alas, today's big city mayor is more likely to be a soft-on-crime Democrat.

3. "More on the zapped grandma" Yet another example of unnecessary use of tasers by police.

Representative Sample: the idea that police officers are entitled to automatic deference is the sort of mindset you might expect in North Korea -- not in a free society. Police officers are just regular people with a job; they're no more entitled to expect immediate obedience in all circumstances than are dentists or house painters.

4. "God, Zeus, Fairies, and the Flying Spaghetti Monster" Why such comparisons make sense.

Representative Sample: I often compare God to Zeus, fairies, and the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Many Christians have complained that these are unfair comparisons. I disagree.

5. "Once Again, With Feeling"A call for coastal oil drilling.

Representative Sample: the price of a barrel of crude rises yet again to it’s highest price this year. In a land with common sense, this would mean that drilling off of our coasts would make sense especially given the lag time between beginning the process, and actually obtaining the oil.

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