Thursday, June 25, 2009

HOT5 Daily 6/25/2009

1. "Iran’s Potential Future" Links article by Robert Kaplan.

Representative Sample: Iran’s democracy movement is strikingly Western in its organizational discipline and its urbane use of technology. In terms of development, Iran is much closer to Turkey than to Syria or Iraq.

2. "The government-funded $10 tomato" How can we get one?

Representative Sample: the government could start a grocery insurance system for retired people to ensure sure that all retired people could afford groceries. This system would also be utilized by wealthy retired people, even by those who owned grocery stores and tomato farms.

3. "How to Argue with Believers and Not Get Frustrated" Some useful advice.

Representative Sample: Lower your expectations. If you think you’re going to deconvert a believer or even change his mind about something, you need to lower your expectations. Things don’t usually work that way.

4. "Shrinking the Navy’s “Presence Deficit”" Radical proposals for reform in naval shipbuilding.

Representative Sample: such a shock to the system might bring the industry out of the money-flushed coma it has suffered throughout the Cold War and ongoing to this day.

5. "Where is Everyone?"" Many of the people screaming and howling about Israel's attack on Gaza curiously quiet during the Iranian repression.

Representative Sample: This article points out the total hypocrisy of the anti-Israel left that has been so loud in condemning Israel's actions-taken in true defense while standing silent on the brutalities of the Iranian government-against fellow Muslims.

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