Thursday, June 4, 2009

HOT5 Daily 6/4/2009

1. "OBAMA DISSES INDIA — AGAIN" Another example of Obama's clumsy, amateur foreign policy.

Representative Sample:The appointment of Roemer is just the latest in a series of steps which suggest that the Obama administration does not fully appreciate America's relationship with India.

2. "Arkansas recruitment center shooting reveals the moral shallowness of the Left"  In case it wasn't already obvious.

Representative Sample: Here are a few interesting contrasts between the killing of William Long by a crazed anti-military fanatic, and the killing of George Tiller by a crazed anti-abortion fanatic

3. "U.S. Should Think Twice Before Rushing to an All-Counter-Insurgency Force" Good advice.

Representative Sample: Some U.S. military leaders are arguing that an over-emphasis on counter-insurgency is dangerous. U.S. “We’ve come to see counterinsurgency as the solution to every problem and we’re losing the ability to wage any other kind of war,” Army Colonel Gian Gentile said last year.

4. "What Would It Take For You To Believe In God?" How about some actual hard evidence of his existence?

Representative Sample: This is a question posed by the blog “the BEattitude“, which has recently gained over 1,000 well deserved comments on a post concerning losing religion.

5. "A case study of how Big Green attacks business" One of many cases.

Representative Sample: Ship builder Austal - Western Australia - in 2007 sold two of its ships to a ferry operator in Hawai’i. The ferry operator recently filed for bankruptcy, citing one main reason being a law suit brought against them from Big Green groups, including the Sierra Club

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