Tuesday, June 16, 2009

HOT5 Daily 6/16/2009

1. "Frankly, My Dear Readers, I Don’t Give a Damn" I have a similar opinion on Iran.

Representative Sample: There is going to be nothing but cosmetic change in Iran until they get rid of the Supreme Leader. That simply isn’t going to happen, due in no small part to the Islamic conviction that religion should have a direct control over everyone’s daily lives, including government.

2. "Drug War: Fail" Consequences of the "War on Drugs."

Representative Sample: The current regime not only has failed, but is absolutely absurd in its assumptions. The argument that something like marijuana should be illegal is always “to protect the kids.” But the solution is nuts. 

3. "Howler of the Day" Howlers occur pretty much any time anyone on the left says anything about Bush.

Representative Sample: George W Bush anti-government? He expanded the size of government at a faster pace than any President since LBJ. Like Hoover, whom he resembles in many ways, the Younger Bush is the quintessential stalking horse of the Left. In painting President Bush as a far right winger they make their favourite son, Barack Obama, seem far more moderate that he truly is. Only by the standards of outright socialism can the Bush years be described as "anti-government."

4. "Trembling, unhinged hatemonger wrestles his personal demons" That would be Andrew Sullivan.

Representative Sample: My God. “Red State Iran.” Reading this lunatic’s deranged swill is now tantamount to watching a slow-mo mental breakdown. There is simply no smear too outrageous — or absurd — for him to fling at his erstwhile heroes, no analogy too twisted for him to employ in demonizing the objects of his irrational hatred.

5. "A FASCIST BY ANY OTHER NAME" Makes some good points.

Representative Sample: the term "fascism" has become distorted by the political left. In fact, we see this distortion on a daily basis in the news today, because the left are particularly anxious to make sure that the use of the term is associated only with the political right.

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