Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Analyzing Andrew Sullivan

No one has ever captured the true essence of Andrew Sullivan better than Christopher Badeaux in "Through the Looking Glass With Andrew Sullivan." Just a couple of samples:
Sullivan, who has worn dozens of hats in his lifetime, is truly unique. He stands astride the worlds of politics, journalism, theology, foreign policy, and applied obstetrics like the Colossus of Rhodes.
More impressive than his output is his utter lack of fear of self-contradiction, flights of laughter-inducing hyperbole, public obsessiveness, repeated self-contradiction, betrayals of utter ignorance, and failed attempts to mimic the Bard by coining bizarre neologisms to match his wandering moods.
Even the parts I disagree with are still well-written. The whole thing is hilarious. Even Sullivan, if he has any sense of self-deprecating humor, would probably laugh at some of it.

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