Monday, June 8, 2009

HOT5 Daily 6/8/2009

1. "Why multiculturalism is not the answer?" Especially when it comes to respecting backward religious traditions.

Representative Sample: Permanent division of societies along the fault lines created by the different religions creates a double standard of judiciary and also social rights. This double-standard will eventually erode the very base of the societies based on ideas of equality, freedom of expression and social justice.

2. "Catholic columnist: homosexuality = eating disorder"  The Catholic Church, continuing to win friends by arguing that being gay is like a weakness that can be controlled.

Representative Sample: Fournier is arguing the wiring and resulting behavior is defective, therefore comparable to an eating disorder that needs to be cured. And here we are, back to the promotion of pray-away-the-gay. And we know how successful that is.

3. "Lawyers Proving the 'Slippery Slope' is Real" Sometimes things do slide over the slippery slope.

Representative Sample: From a law meant to help other nations to deal with our nation to one now warped to be used interfere with other nations dealing with their own people, we see this law misused by radical leftist activist

4. "On how public an atheist you are" Something we atheists have to worry about. Who to tell?

Representative Sample: Out where I live when you meet another parent at little league or some other social event the first question that they ask you is “Where do you go to church?”

5. "Get to know "The Komodo dragon's bite"" Nasty poison bite.

Representative Sample: It's long been known that Komodo dragons pack a powerful bite, but a new study by a research team at the University of Melbourne, Australia, shows that the effectiveness of the Komodo's bite comes from a combination of venom and highly specialized serrated teeth.

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