Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Obligatory Mark Sanford Post

Other have probably said something similar, but I have a couple of observations. First, Sanford is an idiot. He was a rising star in the GOP and a potential presidential candidate. I hope she was worth wrecking his political ambitions. I know politicians are arrogant egomaniacs who think they can get away with whatever they want and not get caught. But there have been enough recent examples that show that politicians do in fact get exposed. You have to wonder why people keep recklessly risking their careers, especially knowing that they are being watched constantly.

There's one other thing that seems to always happen whenever such a situation blows up in a politician's face -- the extended, tearful public apology. I've never seen the point. You already look stupid, why add looking weak & overly dramatic to the equation as well? Apparently Sanford's wife already knew about the affair. Presumably he already went through a big apology in private with her. Do politicians really think that a contrived public crying scene wins them sympathy? I'd be much more impressed if he had just said something simple and calm -- for example:  I've been having an affair. I know it was stupid and I'm sorry about the recent deception regarding my trip. I apologize to my constituents for disappointing them with my behavior. That's all that is necessary. Handle the rest in private.

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