Saturday, June 13, 2009

HOT5 Daily 6/13/2009

1. "On Accuracy and Fairness" Points that bear repeating.

Representative Sample:The common theme linking recent "right-wing" extremism events - Roeder, von Brunn - is crazy not politics. Some people have issues with abortion, some people have issues with Jews, but 363 days of the year no one resorts to these levels of violence against either party.

2. "A Couple of Quick Thoughts on Tobacco Regulation"  Interesting observations on the latest unnecessary big government program.

Representative Sample: regulation tends to favor incumbent companies. Regulations tend to raise barriers to new entrants, and it imposes costs that are more easily born by larger players in the market. Further, incumbents often have the political muscle to influence regulation in their favor 

3. "Extremists: The Cost Of Freedom" Accurate title. Freedom has many costs.

Representative Sample:The extremists left or right are distinguished only by the podium from which they elect to spew their ignorant rhetoric or the weapon they select to inflict harm on a culture thay do not understand.

4. "Sure, It Looks Cool" A Chinese Zeppelin aircraft carrier?

Representative Sample: It's a graphic.

5. "Obama's Pharmaceutical Delusion" The impact of government healthcare on pharmaceutical R & D.

Representative Sample: The United States develops 93% of all new and breakthrough drugs worldwide. The reason for this is pharmaceutical companies are willing to spend the resources and take risks in order to develop new drugs that people will use to improve their wellbeing.

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