Sunday, June 28, 2009

HOT5 Daily 6/28/2009

1. "Declaring War on the American Economy" Let's hope the Senate kills it.

Representative Sample: Act like the governor on a steam engine, increasingly slowing down the economy through energy taxes whenever the economy accelerates. In other words, its virtually guarantees economic stagnation at best. And most economists who are not working for liberals think it will be far more economically pernicious than that.

2. "What Makes a Revolution Work?" Depends on the revolution.

Representative Sample: World solidarity and hope are all well and good, but they don’t win revolutions. Many, perhaps most, revolutions fail

3. "Why Do Atheists Have to Talk About Atheism?" Why not? Good article answering objections to atheists speaking out.

Representative Sample: I want to explain why so many atheists think it's important to talk about atheism ... and why many of us try to persuade other people that atheism is correct.

4. "An Opportunity for Libertarian Conservatives" Would be nice, but won't happen. Social conservatives have a deathgrip on the party base.

Representative Sample:a new path for Republicans that would take them back to a Barry Goldwater brand of conservatism that may be a better fit for the country in 2009 than its current more religious brand. Turning to Goldwater would allow Republicans to reposition themselves without abandoning their conservative principles.

5. "Open Letter to a World of Believers" Things to think about if you aren't an atheist.

Representative Sample: So what I ask of you is this: Try to rattle your own faith. Shake it up. Cause as much doubt as you can. Read what the best of the opposition has to say, and take it seriously. Describe your own faith in the most contentious terms possible (e.g., “an invisible friend who grants me wishes”) and recognize that this is, though not how you would put it, still literally true about what you believe.

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