Sunday, June 21, 2009

Idiotic Criticism of Obama

Some on the right are actually bashing the president for taking his daughters out for ice cream while people are dying in the streets of Iran. Here's Rick Moran (who I often agree with), writing at American Thinker.  
the signal sent by President Obama when he went out for some ice cream was not one of concern for the demonstrators in Iran. Patrick Frey of Patterico has a devastating contrast between tweets from Iranins getting tear gassed and shot at and CBS White House correspondent Mike Knoller tweets about Obama's trip to an ice cream shop in Alexandria, VA.

There are so many substantive points on which to criticize Obama's performance as president, that I find this sort of ridiculous attack completely idiotic. First of all, Obama is President of the United States, not Iran. It isn't his job to project "concern" for Iranians, let alone 24 hours a day. He has a family, and sometimes he is going to do things with them. Maybe he should stop eating entirely, sit in a room and cry about people in Iran. Would that make these critics happy?

Moran seems to recognize the stupidity of this attack, but justifies it by saying that the left did the same thing to Bush.

as long as the left refused to grant that kind of legitimacy to Bush's actions, I see no reason not to return the favor.
I do. Why should those of us on the right act like BDS-infected morons? Attack Obama for things he deserves to be called on, not for non-issues like going out to eat ice cream.


  1. Amen! Preachin to the choir. lol Sorry Humor.

    Obama has done a few things poorly. BY all means criticize him for those. Going out for ice cream with his children, is not one of those. Even if the riots were in NYC. He is still a person and oh ya a dad. Just because he is El Presidente does not mean he needs to eating like in a witness protection program.

    Also just like it was wrong, and stupid to snipe at GW for every little thing. It is not the right thing to do for Obama. It is about time the right grows(the "F") up, and become part of the solution.

    Oh well I am done ranting. Great Post!

  2. It's a dubious "honor," seeing as how I am the only person on the selection committee, but this post earned you an "Honorary Skepticrat of the Month" award. Congratulations! (I think.)