Tuesday, June 23, 2009

HOT5 Daily 6/23/2009

1. "OBAMA'S NEXT TARGET: THE CIA" It has already been targeted. Crippling the CIA appears to be one of the main objectives of the left in general.

Representative Sample: The Obama administration is preparing a grand downgrading of the Central Intelligence Agency’s lead role in the war on terror. The administration is contemplating expanding the FBI and Justice Department’s role in global counter-terrorism operations.

2. "Palestine - Obama and Netanyahu On A Journey To Nowhere" Good title.

Representative Sample: the right to settle in the West Bank was exercised by Jews prior to 1948 and was only then abruptly halted after those Jews still living there were driven out following Jordan’s occupation of the West Bank during the War of Independence. Jewish settlement in the West Bank was not resumed until Jordan lost the West Bank to Israel in the Six Day War in 1967.

3. "You Think The Iranian Police Are Uncivilized; Here's A Most Gruesome Tale About A Palestinian Family" Just one of many incidents.

Representative Sample: what was Raed Sawalha's crime? He waved at an Israeli Border Police soldier driving by. Some say Raed was actually chatting with the soldier.

4. "Controlling costs? No. Controlling America? Yes." The laughable notion that nationalizing healthcare will somehow control costs, instead of costing huge amounts more money.

Representative Sample: That the government will drive down costs with a program based on Medicare isn’t just difficult to believe, it is contrary to the facts. Medicare has, since 1970, increased spending per patient at a much faster rate than the private sector.

5. "In ObamAmerica, dissent is no longer the higest form of patriotism" Of course not. "Dissent" is only a good thing when it's directed against Republicans.

Representative Sample: Last week, the Obama Administration suddenly terminated AmeriCorps inspector general Gerald Walpin, citing incompetence and bizarre behavior by the IG as the reason for his abrupt dismissal. Curiously, IG Walpin had just finished a lengthy investigation of long-time Obama supporter

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