Tuesday, June 30, 2009

HOT5 Daily 6/30/2009


Representative Sample: The world Obama is creating - one with a supine and pliant America who bows to the wishes of every thug, every dictator who struts across the stage, threatening their neighbors or their own people - is a more dangerous world, a less free world, and a world where our traditional advocacy for stability and democracy is lost amidst the pious platitutdes of this starry-eyed leftist ideologue.

2. "The eliminationist rhetoric of ... Paul Krugman!?" Don't worry, it's only dangerous if it comes from the right. Just like "fearmongering" is bad -- except when the left does it.

Representative Sample: This is not mere hyperbole. This is exactly the sort of demonization and eliminationist rhetoric about which our liberal and progressive friends have been warning us will end in violence.

3. "FRANCE GOES NUCLEAR" A country doing what we should be doing. 

Representative Sample: Nuclear energy in France operates almost entirely without controversy. This absence of controversy is the most exotic and puzzling thing about French nuclear power. Probing our French hosts on the subject, I collected or devised four theories to explain the absence:

4. "Popular Delusions: Out-of-Body Experiences" I wonder how many people believe in this phenomenon. I'd bet it's right up there with belief in ghosts, possibly even higher.

Representative Sample: Most religious people believe in the soul, an ethereal locus of consciousness that separates from the body upon physical death and travels elsewhere to receive its reward. To people who hold this belief, it's a natural next step to guess that the soul or spirit could sometimes leave a person's body while they're still alive and travel to distant places

5. "On War #309: Going Nowhere Fast" Lind is always interesting, but in love with his own theories and prone to ignore any evidence that doesn't fit them. But I think he's generally right on Afghanistan.

Representative Sample: If General McChrystal is to represent any real hope that the U.S. might get out of Afghanistan with some tailfeathers intact, he must confront a host of challenges. Let’s look at just four

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