Sunday, June 14, 2009

HOT5 Daily 6/14/2009

1. "Terrorists a problem? Just call the cops!" It's hard to believe that even the Obama administration is this clueless.

Representative Sample: The 9/10 mentality, on the other hand, sees jihadist terror as exactly a law-enforcement problem. Playing defense and waiting for the enemy to come to us (to be fair, in cooperation with foreign law enforcement and intelligence services) is the preferred way to do things, with the enemy processed through our normal criminal justice system with all the attendant rights and rules of procedure

2. "Reality Mugs the White House" Wishful thinking about Iran goes south.

Representative Sample:Did these people imagine that because one of the mullah’s handpicked candidates knew how to text that we were witnessing the second coming of Obama, Iranian-style? They assumed that in a country with four pre-selected candidates the mullahs would let just anyone win? It seems so.

3. "Reconceptualizing Atheism, Introducing “Antibelief” and “Contratheism”" An interesting article on defining types of atheism/atheists.

Representative Sample: In other words, I am advocating no longer distinguishing between “weak/negative” atheism and “strong/positive” atheism. Atheism is atheism, and contratheism is contratheism.

4. "Remember Iraq? You will soon enough" What's going on in Iraq?

Representative Sample: Most Iraq experts do not believe Maliki will support the SOFA, despite the fact that his own government negotiated and signed it. He has consistently misjudged his forces’ capacity to manage Iraq’s security threats without American help

5. "Is The Republican Party Lost?" Someone who is actually optimistic about the GOP.

Representative Sample: I believe the evidence is stronger each day that the Republican Party is making inroads into the Democratic “majority.” The election happened and Obama and the Democrats are in power. We have to live with that for another 18 months. But when one looks at the trends a new picture begins to develop. 

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