Thursday, June 11, 2009

More on the Uighur Situation

Yesterday I posted about the U.S. transfer of 17 Uighurs to Palau. Today there was this reaction from China.
China on Thursday called on the United States to return "Chinese Muslim terrorists" held at Guantanamo Bay, instead of sending them to the Pacific island nation of Palau. ... China holds the unswerving stand that the US should stop handing over the terrorists to any third country, so as to expatriate them to China at an early date ... "China urges the US to implement the UN Security Council's relevant resolutions and its international obligations on counter-terrorism,"

Congratulations to President Obama for managing to actively annoy the Chinese for no good reason. I'm sure they'll be ready and willing to cooperate with us on terrorism matters in the future. They won't bring up the Uighur situation the next time we need their assistance.  I'm not opposed to angering China about matters where our national interest clashes with theirs, but to do so on behalf of some Guantanamo prisoners is extremely foolish.

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