Monday, June 22, 2009

HOT5 Daily 6/22/09

1. "Neda: A Lesser Evil is Still Evil" Something to think about.

Representative Sample: No matter who eventually prevails, the Iranian government will still continue their drive to build nuclear weapons. They will still fund terrorists. They will still train terrorists in their country to kill civilians in Israel. They will still train terrorists to kill American soldiers in Iraq.

2. "Where the rule of law meets the war on terror" Using terror watch list to deprive people of weapons?

Representative Sample:How do you get on the watch list? You have to be suspected of links to known terrorists. That's it. The government does not have to prove anything, or present evidence to anybody, or even tell you that you are on the list.

3. "Israeli Intelligence Has OPSEC Concerns With Social Media" The dangers of Facebook and other sites for national security.

Representative Sample: It’s a legitimate concern, and one that is not unique to Israeli intelligence. Ongoing GreyLogic research in this area shows multiple governments are involved in attempts to control the inadvertent leakage of information which in turn may be harvested by adversarial intelligence-gathering efforts.

4. "Twilight" The sad decline of Britain continues.

Representative Sample: the British military is being told by politicians that they will be cutting costs. Even if that means that Harrier jets are forcibly retired. Leaving no fixed wing aircraft that can fly from Britain’s aircraft carriers.

5. "Michael Barone's 'three rules of Obama'" Links to an interesting analysis of Obama. 

Representative Sample: This inability to improvise is typical of the newbie. He can master a limited set of facts and talking points (more so with the aid of a teleprompter) but he doesn't know his subject well enough to synthesize new information and adapt his thoughts to it. He lacks depth of knowledge.

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