Sunday, June 7, 2009

HOT5 Daily 6/7/2009

1. "What We Could Have Chosen" It's good to see someone defending the rationale for the Iraq War, against those who pretend there weren't many solid reasons behind it.

Representative Sample: In short, we chose to actually do something about a regime so threatening to world peace that our Congress passed, and President Clinton signed, legislation in 1998 making the overthrow of the Saddam regime our official policy.

2. "Suddenly, dissent is not so patriotic "  Short but to the point. The left only believes in free speech & dissent when it isn't directed their way.

Representative Sample: The harsh reality is that the parade of horribles that Limbaugh and Palin are worried about is a lot less crazy than any number of the conspiracy theories that ended up in the pages of the New Yorker or the Nation in the last eight years

3. "Obama At Normandy" Be glad we didn't have a president like Obama during WW2.

Representative Sample: a circa-1944 Barack Obama would have been complaining that our foreign policy caused the Japanese to hate us and led to Pearl Harbor, that our weapons shipments to the UK and USSR needlessly provoked the Germans, and that we should pull out of Italy because “they didn’t attack us on December 7th”.

4. "Gaddafi and the Jihadists" Some really interesting information, and a link to a much longer detailed article.

Representative Sample: Gadaffi handed over to the Americans his intelligence service's complete archive on extremist movements in Africa and in the Middle East.

5. ""U.S. Lawyers Agreed on Legality of Harsh Interrogations"" Not only justified but also legal.

Representative Sample: just because you believe it's torture doesn't mean that LEGALLY it was torture. Which is why Obama couldn't go after the ones who participated in it in the CIA. He knew he would lose.

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