Monday, June 29, 2009

HOT5 Daily 6/29/2009

1. "What was in the Waxman-Markey 'Manager's Amendment'? The Green Gestapo, for starters " Climate bill even worse than it appeared.

Representative Sample: It affects every industry in America using "tonnage of production" measures; requiring each industry to calculate its "trade intensity" and "greenhouse gas intensity". The administrators of the program will compare other countries emissions by industry (how those numbers are achieved aren't spelled out) to U.S. industries in order to punish or reward companies on an industry basis.

2. "Iran-When All Else Fails, Raid the Embassies" Iran, demonstrating yet again its rogue-state status.

Representative Sample: Any talk of restoring diplomatic ties with Iran should be reserved for the day when a respectable and civilized government returns to power. What would be nice would be to see the UK and the rest of the EU obtain the freedom of the embassy employees and then close down their embassies

3. "USA Should Heed Britain’s Defense Woes" Lessons on what not to do?

Representative Sample: Our motherland across the Atlantic isn’t the only nation facing tough defense choices in the next few years, but here in America a struggle is waging for the future course of our military strategy, which will in turn define our national security.

4. "Animal rights are less important than human rights" Should religious slaughter methods be permitted?

Representative Sample: I remain entirely indifferent to the suffering of animals as a political issue. That's not to advocate cruelty. I would, of course, like all animals to be killed as humanely as scientifically possible. They should never undergo any further suffering than that necessary to support human needs. But when it comes to weighing animal rights and human needs, there's no contest.

5. "German Army = Too Soft for Battle?" Links to interesting article.

Representative Sample: will Berlin give its soldiers permission to start shooting? And, will they be ready to join more war-like nations

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