Wednesday, June 3, 2009

HOT5 Daily 6/3/2009

1. "Pakistan: The Slippery Slope" A detailed look Islamisation in Pakistan.

Representative Sample: there are thousands of semi-educated young men throughout Pakistan, in Punjab and Sindh as well as the Northwest Frontier province, who are predisposed to sympathy with Talibanization. Many of them would be candidates for radical mobilization.

2. "International Sleazestakes: The FP Scandalpalooza"  Scandals galore.

Representative Sample: It's June, which means it's time for FP's 50th annual International sleazestakes, the definitive ranking of the most odious cases of political corruption and scandals worldwide....and the most entertaining ones.

3. "Truly, I'm Sorry They're a Bunch of Backward Loons" Me too.

Representative Sample:The aggrieved party is not the Islamic world, it is the rest of the world that is unfortunate enough to catch their eye, from moderate Indonesians, to Hindus, to Nigerians, to Darfurians, to Jews anywhere, to Shia Iraqis, to Christian or even just nominally Christian Westerners

4. "“What Is “Judicial Activism”?”" An attempt to define an often used term

Representative Sample:  The mere act of overturning the legislature is not as relevant to finding out-of-control judges as an examination of their reasoning is. If the grounds for overturning a law — state or federal, it makes no difference — is tied to the violation of a specific Constitutional text, then no number of such rulings can build a case for “activism”.

5. "The Double-Standard Gauntlet Is Thrown" Only certain kinds of terrorism are worthy of hyperventilation.

Representative Sample:Andrew Sullivan -- I've heard he has a blog or something; I think it's called the Daily Dirt; or something -- found occasion to publish 58 blogposts yesterday, including many about the assassination of Dr. Tiller. But Sullivan found no occasion even to mention the assassination of Long and the attempted assassination of Ezeagwula.

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