Friday, June 26, 2009

HOT5 Daily 6/26/2009

1. "Obama’s Mythical “International Norms”" Obama, the foreign policy of naivete & wishful thinking.

Representative Sample: Take a quick glance at the UN Security Council and Human Rights Council, and you’ll find that Iran is already toeing the international line like a real team player. Security Council permanent member Russia has, for a decade, been disappearing journalists, poisoning the opposition, assisting bad actors, and saber rattling throughout Eurasia.

2. "Justice Thomas: A Little Empathy Please!" Thomas sees no problem with strip-searching students for no good reason.

Representative Sample: Thomas has written an opinion to that trivializes individual liberty and defends the interests of school officials who were apparently so exercised over the possible presence of Ibuprofen at the school that they forced a young girl to display her breasts and pelvic area to gazing and searching adults.

3. "Australia Moves to Block Online Access to Games With Content Beyond MA-15+" No games with adult content even for adults. 

Representative Sample: Australia's federal government said yesterday that it plans to block access to websites which host and sell games with content edgier than what is allowable under an MA-15+ rating. The unprecedented censorship policy will apply to Australians of all ages.

4. "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" Mayors unhappy with the stimulus they supported. What a shame.

Representative Sample: Having lobbied hard for the stimulus bill with the expectation they could get some extra local spending without the political cost of having to tax the locals more to pay for it, Americas mayors find they in turn got played

5. "Try This with Your Email Signatures" Pretty amusing idea.

Representative Sample: Here’s a fun experiment you can try.

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  1. Thanks for the cite -- and I this description is rich: "A highly opinionated right-wing atheist...."

  2. No problem. Even though we disagree on many issues, I find your blog interesting and check it frequently.