Saturday, June 6, 2009

HOT5 Daily 6/6/2009

1. "Reality Once Again Unmasks the Obama Spin" It does have a way of doing that.

Representative Sample: First, the Stimulus Plan is a bust and only the most committed spinners can, with a straight face, contend that it is saving any jobs. Second, given the “bold” (conservatives would say “radical” or “reckless”) spending and regulatory efforts undertaken by Obama it will be hard for him to lay blame elsewhere

2. "Mystery Does Not Equal God"  Strange personal experiences do not indicate the existence of a God.

Representative Sample: The very act of employing the term supernatural is rather arrogant when we understand so little of our natural world. How do we know that these mystical experiences aren't the result of interacting with alternate dimensions or alternate universes or alternate versions of ourselves? As our perception of reality approaches our wildest science fiction fantasies, we realize just how disappointing, prosaic, and mundane the world's religions' gods are

3. "Israeli Lessons on Hybrid War" What can be learned from the Israeli war with Hezbollah?

Representative Sample: future wars will be of the hybrid variety, characterized by a mixture of conventional and unconventional operations blending both high-tech attacks, such as cyber, and low tech, such as IEDs, all on the same battlefield.

4. "Troubling: Atheist Blogosphere Silent About Obama's Egypt Speech" I wonder if that has anything to do with many atheists being far more concerned with the tiny threat of radical Christians, as opposed to the far greater threat of radical Islam? Or the fact that a significant number are left-wing Obama-worshippers.

Representative Sample: I do know that if George Bush made the exact same speech as Obama yesterday, the atheist blogosphere would have been posting about it in an enraged flurry, because the second possibility wouldn't be an option, and Bush would have been looked upon just as a religious zealot talking to other religious nuts.

5. "Obama’s Quiet War on Knives" Another idiotic attempt to ban weapons.

Representative Sample: Here we’ve been worried about him taking our guns, when apparently it’s our knives we have to worry about. Banning folding knives? Are you kidding?

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